How I’ve quarantined

Lily is seen throwing stones to the nearing bushes, to the neighbouring grasses and then up again to the bordering trees behind the fence. She is in a pretty cool and welcoming mood. Her glasses fitted on and she keeps on pushing them up then down touching her small nose for a better view. A book and pen fits her hands as she takes notes now and then . And this is what has become of Lily.

Hey sweet bananas, just as I had promised to share with you how I’ve quarantined in the view was beautiful from up there, Lily is here just to deliver that. And here we continue.

I’m always left alone in this homestead seated under a big tree whose shade is incredibly cool and which stands at the center. Right of this tree is a small garden and so is left a reason why I must just sit here, at the center so I can have clear view of the both gardens.

My mum has a shop and she’ll be gone by midday to take over from my brother Brian who has been attending to it since he left for his attachment, and Harriet my sister who had returned from school because of this pandemic is always up and about, reading, and clocking, and shopping so I’m always alone, most of the time, like today.

Sweet bananas, I know by now you must be asking yourself why must I be seen throwing stones? Why must I look at the two gardens, right? Well, when you are raised up in a sophisticated apartment up town and you probably haven’t set foot in village settlement and predictably have no idea about plantations then you won’t understand. Wait, maybe you will when Lily explain. I must be here to shoot looks to all the conners, to guard the gardens against squirrels which when the seeds have been sawed would come dug up the seed and they may end up destroying the entire plantation.

I’ve been here seated for two weeks and the crops have now grown to heights where squirrels are no longer a bother. What next for me is weeding which I’ll be starting in the next starting week. Harriet will be weeding one garden and I , Lily the other one as we had agreed just the other day

By seven in the morning I’m always up and I have always started by cleaning the house to doing laundry and when there are no dirty clothes I finish by washing dishes and Harriet would be preparing breakfast.

At 10 am, I’ll be here seated, and standing at times when these squirrels are two, three and four and they won’t let me have a nap.

And in the evening when they are now gone I’ll still be here, seated, with my pen and book as always, penning catch phrases of my next story and today is not an exception either. It’s just that I’m telling you my story.

This is what has become of me. I steps out never!

Well, my story is coming to an end and the wind is wailing rather too strong. I can also see clouds darkening as they move towards the center. It is rainy season and a minute from now it could fall. Oh no the rain! I’m not yet done, Wait.

To end this, I must confess I love how I’ve quarantined. I love how Lake Victoria’s breeze is cooling this place. I love how green this place has become because of the rains. I’m just done with washing my hands and I can hear the thunder rumbling up the sky, rain humming down softly on the iron roof. I just want to shut the windows and coil on my bed. If a warm bath or something to put into my stomach is what I need then I need a rest even more. Only my bed can give me that.

Till next time sweet bananas!!
As always, don’t go away.
I want you here,
With me,


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