I’m trouble

I’m trouble, he said.

He delivered that line which kept me thinking and wondering and reminiscing. I knew I'd fallen for him because I realized it at a point when I wasn't ready to love anyone. I had trained my heart to stay without love but when he said hi it made my heart miss a beat sending a shiver down my spine.
I looked into me and there was nothing hindering me from giving me a chance again. He had been single for twice as long as me. I had healed from that  hurting which made me disappear from this space for a while. The boy I loved had disappeared with something only my heart could explain. I tried to leave my heart kept wanting it. But now that it has been returned somehow, and now that time has healed me somehow, and because I met the girl he love somehow, I turned my back to that feeling only the devil enjoys.
It was a story. A sweet story. A promising story. But a story that's shouldn't have been there to begin with. I thought I would love the ending so I kept on turning new chapters, reading every word and looking out for the words I never understood in the dictionary. And when it ended, I realized it was a story that shouldn't have been told to end with. I discovered it was a story that shouldn't have been read to start with.
Lily is troubled.
Hey, don't get me wrong sweet bananas, I don't mean I'll stop going through the menu. No I don't. I still need this menu. I mean, I bumped into this one in the menu and I can't help but think about him.
What I can't stomach is making mistakes like the ones I made before. If you've been reading my articles you must know my life and mistakes, how I fell in love.
and on how it feels to start. The mistakes that left me with scars as reminders, like how I was shaved. And for this reason Lily is keeping herself at bay.
Lily need not, any trouble.
Don't go away,
For update about this story that has just been posed.
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5 thoughts on “I’m trouble”

  1. Ah, a wonderful piece. Learn to make abandon that which may hurt you. Live the experience, accept the consequences and keep memories. You have a handle on this and I see your future.


    1. thank a lot, you’ve been following my stories and by now you feel they ara connected somehow. I’m not static thanks for seeing ahead @pick1solutio

      Liked by 1 person

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