The view was beautiful

That day Corvid 19 had hit Kenya I was barely Lily. I had disagreed with my brother about an issue and then the corona ‘thing’, I needed time all to myself. I picked myself up the seat and slammed the door of the shop behind me and headed just anywhere.

Photo by S Migaj on

I found myself in a place that describes peace and tranquility as it is. The view was beautiful from up there; I could see the whole of this small town from the vehicles driving in to the lake and off they left again. If not that small piece of land which is slightly raised above the ground, then my home town could have been called ‘Lwanda Kotieno Island’. The road runs smoothly cutting this town into two halves, taking a bend as it nears the shore to the dock where ferry, water bus and passenger boats docks.

Yes, I was seated by this beach called Lwanda kotieno Fish banda. A beach of black sand. A beach of sweet fish. I love this place, not that I was born and raised here, not that I just love it, not that my family lives here, not that it has peace, not that it is has pure water and not that it is safe. No. None of those at all. I love this place because of it’s sweet fish. Fish hauled out of its waters is the sweetest fish I’ve ever tasted. And I bet people who have experience this will surely have a sweet story to tell.

Sweets fish Lily ever tasted

Residents my mum included says fish hauled from sandy beach and a black sand in that case is sweeter compared to fish from a muddy beach because fish eat mad making their flesh less testy. That might be true but Lily doesn’t hold onto those theories neither does Lily believes on those myths. All Lily know is that fish from this place is the sweetest she ever tasted.

I looked into the distance and I could see the beautiful twin Homa hills masking the shape of letter ‘M’ and it appeared to be blue, because of the distant. It’s lies on the other side of the lake. Next to it I could see kindu bay which hosts the famous creater lake called Simbi Nyaima. This lake is believed by the locals to be mysterious in some ways, when you through a stone inside its water the stone would hit you back instead they say. It’s water is believed to cure many illnesses by residents. I haven’t visited this place before and maybe I should.

These hills forms series of soft semicircles placed close to each others and the first set is slightly down so that the middle set would be seen and the third one slightly above them. I mean they are placed in such away that one might think they were placed in stairs headed up. The placement was planned, and it was good just as God had said.
I took you so far but now I want you here, close to me. To a distance not far, to somewhere not close either, to the north and at the mouth of Uganda’s gate is Misori a small place just like Lwanda kotieno it almost become an island as well.

Nyaondo is another small insignificant island just a stone throw away from the land.people don’t live there but famers uses to farm tomatoes, sukumawiki and water melons, but they are in constant fight with the hipos that come out at night to destroy their plantation.

America unlike Nyaondo is not settled by people and it is used as farm land but during the seasons when the depth of water decreases it attaches itself to the mainland,Lwanda kotieno.Nyamwai is another visible island not so close to the land assuming the shape of a fish and no one lives there as well. The place is rich in firewood and residents have always opted to pilot their boats to fetch firewood

By now you must have seen the environment where Lily has quarantined in, and that behind it’s sweet fish, it is a sweet place to stay in. Well, the sun is sometimes or most of the times actually out like a ball of fire promising to burn this entire place but there is always a remedy for that; a refreshing and cool breeze emanating from the lake which restores the damage and the result is often better when you sit resting under shaded tree.

And when I was still up there, I could see fisherman paddling their boats back to dock while some casting they nets to even deeper waters hoping for a catch.

The intensity of the wind had then increased and waves sizes had started bellowing hugely to the shore.It was beautiful. It was as if I hadn’t seen those pictures before.It was as If I was touring this place. I appreciated that beauty.

(Photo by Sirikul R on Fishermen fishing

I was now standing on my feet. I felt someone walking to words my direction. I heard someone call ‘Lilian’ from a distance. And I felt someone watching me. But I kept looking blankly into the distant, at nothing, at no one but losing myself to the pictures which were unfolding right before me. I resonated with that beauty.

My heart was now at peace. I felt me. I felt myself. I felt Lily. Lily was then Lily again. I returned to myself and returned to the call which apparently sounded my mother’s voice. Shot looks to people who appeared to be looking at me. The view was beautiful from up there. So beautiful.

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