And here comes that day

I haven’t always celebrated Valentine. I haven’t always felt how it feels. Neither have I felt how it feels to receive a red rose or when he would say wear that sexy red dress, those flattery red heel and a handbag of your choice and let’s enjoy this day because it is our day love, because it is a day of love honey and because we want to share our love sweery.

In my dreams!

I remember going for my classes within Nairobi CBD on Valentine days. The town used to be beautiful and busy, red flowers in every street from Elsehasse down to Moi Avenue proclaiming it’s Valentine day. Couples in red attire would move softly smile dawning their faces saying it’s the day of love.

And I will be watching, wishing and longing to celebrate. But with who? So I used to taste how it feels with my eyes. Kula kwa macho as we say in Kenya or cham gi wan’gi in my native language. It was my worst feeling when I was in college so to confess.

My girlfriend Agness would then compliment saying I wonder why someone would show their love in just a day. I mean, when you love someone then Valentine day shouldn’t be the only day to show that love but every single day in a year.

I would then second her, but deep down my soul would disagree. I couldn’t stop myself but envy their love. I wanted to celebrate that day as well. I wanted to feel that feeling too.

Tell me, do you think I was crazy?
And do you think I’m still crazy?
Became I’m still rooting for that moment when I’ll celebrate my first Valentine day.
I Know I will.
I known it feels sweet, so sweet.
I long to feel how sweet it feels to receive a flower, not a rose, but a liliy.

Hey don’t go away.
I want you to stay
I want you to stay for much more!
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