I’m still here

What if this look is unique. What if this style is lily’s. And what if Lily just fit in sweetly. What if you don’t care how she came up with this because you are wrapped in this unexplained feeling the pandemic has brought along.

Sweet bananas Lily is not rude. She has been indoors for a weeks now and its like she has been here for ages and she missed dressing and just looking cool. Today she wanted to brake the boredom, she wanted something else as she smile to this painful reality the virus has brought not only to her but to people worldwide.


Lily love smiling to her problems.

And today, today when I had nothing to wear I managed to come up with something. Most of my clothing aren’t with me, I left then in town and now that I’m locked here, I had to turn to my old suitcase for a solution and look what I found, a pink siphon beach wear skirt with no top to wear.

And putting that to the edge, I got back my stunning look not by getting new ones, not by going to the market, and not by borrowing but by making my own through do it yourself stuff. I’ve learned a lot more since I started staying in which I’ll share with you in my next article.

Well, by simply turning my old black trouser into a top and pairing it with my rarely worn siphon beach wear skirt, I got it right. Didn’t I sweet bananas?

How I made the top;
Now with an old trouser and only a pair of scissor, hold the trouser by it’s waist folding into two such that the two sides form one side and use the scissors to cut the only little edge which is the meeting point of inner hips making it straight. Cut only a little edge or the neck area will be too large. Wear it such that the cut area fits your neck and the leg fit your arms and the two pockets fit your boobs. You can as well fold a little piece at the ends when it’s long enough. And that is it.You are done.You good to go, not just yet.

The result is a tight crop top with two pocket in front such that the pockets fit well the nipples area. I don’t need a bra to wear this, and this is something I’ll put up with after the isolation. I haven’t always loved wearing bras at home and when such a top can give me comfort and courage to do so in public, then why shouldn’t I embrace it to end with?

Now what if I fit in so well? What if I look lovely? I’m still not stepping out this fenced homestead. I’m still stopping within this small red gate. I’m still here, rooting, praying hoping and wishing that things should go back to normal soon.

Stay with me
Don’t step out the door,
Don’t step out this space.


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