Don’t cut your nails

Never cut your nails!

I haven’t always kept my nails long. Not that I haven’t loved long nails. No. I’ve always love long and natural nails. Not plastic nails, not gel nails, not those artificial nails. Yes, not those fake nails.

Nails when they are long, when they are natural, and when they are shaped there is nothing that can beat that confidence and beauty emanating from them.

As I word this article, I’m imagining myself talking to that simple lady who wants nothing but natural nails and that lady who has been struggling with enhancing her nails and most definitely to that lady who the only glow she wants to embrace is that of her natural nails.

And I know for sure you’ve been cutting off your nails now and then to keep them clean and that is what you’ve been doing wrong all this time. As you cut your nails you make them weak, you make them used to growing to certain height which when attained they brake or just stop growing.

I mean your nails grow to certain length, the same old length they’ve always grown to only to be cut by you. They never get to pass that length. They then mark their boundary.

Never cut those nails!

Your nail starts developing characteristics of stunted growth reaching certain heights and just stop and yet another and most painful effect which only us ladies can resonate with is when your nails brake because they are either weak or because of your carelessness.

I want you to worry no more because just as you my nails never grew long but last month I was shocked when I checked and my nails were almost an inch long, a height they’ve never grown to. I’d always believed they could never grow past their usual height. I’d always thought my type of nails , were ment to grow that short. I was wrong.

Gel nails. I started embracing gel nails which when done looked beautiful, and could last for upto three weeks. Effect will be then noticed when I run back to the salon to remove the gel which removing process required some chemicals. I don’t know what the chemical would contain but they really damaged my nails, making them weak and thin after a period of 2 yrs use.

was then that I started using henna and black henna to be specific became my favorite. This is my third year and I can proudly say henna healed my nails.

Starting the journey to words long nails you must be very careful with your nails how you hold things as you go around doing your daily chores. Don’t forget about them, don’t subject them to object with require more force. And should you have to use more force on something, don’t forget to be careful.

Now , go ahead shape those nails with nail files, go on remove the dirt and once more be careful with your nails when tucking in sheets to your bed when closing that door behind you and when name it.

You are the only person who knows that pain of breaking your nails especially when they are long and beautiful. Be careful with them.

Well, in my case I started by filing my nails and again and again. It became my habit. It is my habit. It made my short nails long to height they’ve never grown to.
Another thing I did and still doing is applied henna. Henna has this effect of making nails strong. I don’t known which substance in it made my nails strong. I only know know it made my nails strong after many years of trying and I love it on my nails especially black henna. Henna is made from a natural henna plant another bit which makes me absolutely love it. It is natural.

And should you want to give your nails a glow dear sweet bananas , you can use colourless nail gel which not only gives them glow but makes the henna lasts even longer.
Before I bid you bye I’m still going to insist that this article is written for you. Yes you, a simple girl who does everyday chores but still want to embrace beauty in her simple form.

Never cut your nails!

And now that you are here,
Don’t go away.
I want you to stay!
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