It’s Valentine!!!

Which gift are you giving her?
Which gift are you giving him?
Is it a ring?
Maybe it is a dress for her
Or a watch for him.
Whatever it is I got your back covered.
Look at my suggestions here below and as always you won’t be disappointed with my choices. Because they are as unique as my style of life.

You probably want to propose to her and you don’t know how to go about it.
Or you want to tell her I love you.
You want to tell him its you but you can’t stop sweating whenever you try it on.

Worry not cause I’m shearing with you the links to the e books written by professionals_ just to make your dream true in this month of love.

  1. His love was my sanctuary
  2. Number one love
  3. Must love alligators
  4. Love you know
  5. Love in the dark

Those are links to just a few of love article which have read and which I found moving.

Run grab a copy and see how I love you is easier to say than you thought.

And please,

Don’t go away. I want you to stay for more of my moving stories. I want you to stay for more ideas from my life. So, follow my blog.
Lots of love sweet bananas!


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