Grow back that hair!

I remember when I started my journey to having good hair. And good hair here I mean not flat ironed hair, not blow dried hair, not dyed hair and definitely not relaxed hair as well.

It wasn’t easy I swear. Now I had done the big chop and I had to start from the very start. Then as I was doing my always research online, I stumbled onto some hair products which made my dream a real deal.

I started by washing my hair with the products to moisturizing with the same products and to oiling my hair with the same old products
It became my tradition, it was my lifestyle until I got the most result.
I loved the result.

Now, I’m going to share these products here below. Try them out. You never know.

  1. Wow Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo and conditioner set
  • It leaves your hair fresh and cooling feeling just after a wash
  • Softens your hair giving it a natural feeling
  • Reduces itchy sculp
  • Reduce dandruff and frizz
  • Its used by both men and women
  • @only $21.99

2. Natural hair growth oil with caffeine and Biotin

Moisturizes your hair
Sotens the hair giving it a smooth touch
Fastens hair growth

Moisturizes your hair
Softens the hair giving it a smooth touch
Fastens hair growth

  1. Hair growth serum
    Ecelerate hair growth

from softening your hair to eliminating dandruff to fastening growth and to repairing your hair it also reduces itchiness. grow that hair back.


4. Pura DoR Biotin Original Gold label anti_thickening shampoo and conditioner

Clinically tested with natural ingredients
Best for all hair types
Use by both men and women
@only $39.99

Thicken your hair!!! its just a matter of seconds before the result start showing!!!

  1. Boldify hair thickening spray
    Thickens your hair in seconds

Used by both men and women

6. Thickening spray/Biotin hair thickening spray

Thickens your hair
Used by both men and women

7. Satin sleep Bonnet cap for natural hair.

A bonus to protect your hair during sleep
It’s comfortable and fits your hair such that it doesn’t run off your hair as you sleep. Try it on.

Good luck as you start the journey to finding your own signature hair. I found my signature hair and I think you should as well.
Good luck and if you haven’t read my article about my signature hair, then you should

Embracing my signature hair

After reading you’ll find out why I wanted bad hair but not good hair.

Maybe you’ve been struggling with dandruff, perhaps you’ve been hating falling hair, or you’ve been wanting to hasten that slow hair growth and maybe you want to soften your hair and reduce that itchy sculp; then those are the products to try out.


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