I was shaved

I know I haven’t written here for some time now and you must have probably wandered what happened to Lilian. So here I am, ready to explain my absence. So here I am ready to share my experience. And here I am wording out what happened to her with the simplest words ever!

Yes, I’m sitting here knowing I didn’t
feel a thing. I know I wasn’t broken at all. I was shaven. Just shaved. The only problem is; I was shaved when I wasn’t ready at all, I was ripped off my hair when I wasn’t expecting at all. It was so sudden that me can’t even explain how me was shaved.

I mean he had a razor which he would put away whenever he thought I would spot it. I saw it. I felt he wanted to use it on me. I was right but timid. Very timid.

Thoughts crossed my mind one after the other,
Didn’t me see the razor?
Didn’t me see him hide it whenever he felt I could see it?
Didn’t me told me to stay away from him?
Then why was me overwhelmed?
Then why did me fall into his trap?

I was guilty of two things, first, I knew I should have stopped him from shaving me. second, I knew he otherwise shouldn’t have shaved me. But he did and I helped him.

I needed some plenty time all alone. I wanted to breathe some fresh air by the beach all alone. So I went away. I went silent. And I stopped writing. No. Don’t take me wrong dear friend. I didn’t run away from this little Conner where I’m free to share anything I want. No I didn’t.

It’s my lifestyle to take some time off whenever I’m shaven. And now that my hair is grown back,I won’t let anyone shave me again. Never.

I don’t know how best you could have dealt with it but that was my best, taking some time off. Tell me, what could you have done?


12 thoughts on “I was shaved”

  1. This is very revealing. What I see from this is that there may be something that is Cultural in the reason that you were shaved. As I read your account many thoughts and scenarios flashed before me. For whatever you feel, I can only be supportive of you and your journey. All that you write is what you perceive of yourself. I will continue to seek understanding as you continue to share.


    1. Thanks at pick1solution, for going through my piece, shaving here means fooling. So I was fooled, It’s kind of rhetorical and that why I said, I was going to explain what happened to me with the simplest words ever. And I was taking some time to resonate with what happened to me, how I was fooled, and that was the time I was growing my hair. I hope you now understand it. So tell me ,what could you have done, when someone had fooled you really bad?


      1. Thank you for the info. Now I understand. Being fooled is learned after the fact, in many cases. With my experiences, I just rack it up as learning and go on. We are fooled everyday. Not learning from the experience is the downfall. Blessing to you.

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  2. You have a unique way of passing your message across – shaved. Life happens to us on different levels and we deal with it in various ways as well. What matters is that we are better for it eventually. We learn, move on and get better.


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