When time comes

When that time comes…

I haven’t always thought out loud . I haven’t always thought in soft either. But I’ve always thought by wording out my thoughts.
As I think as I write, I’m wondering how short life is. It’s short as a life of a fallen dry leaf. It’s really short.

In my previous years I’ve leave to regret; fast, on opportunities I never seized because I was worried about to day and last, on things I never did because I knew I would do them today.

Today, today I’m making a decision to live today and not live worrying about tomorrow. Never. I swear. I know I will be living a life of uncertainty but I don’t care as long as It doesn’t give me peace of mind. I don’t care as long as I’m not happy today. I just don’t care.

I want to be happy today.

I haven’t done those ‘thing’ upto this moment as I tell you my story.

On that day when the time will come, I’ll smile and say I did my Best: I’ll turn in and say I lived my best.

I’ll say I lived my best.

I just want to live today.


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